It can be very stressful when your precious canine or feline is not feeling well. Unfortunately, they are unable to tell us exactly what is wrong! That is where the staff at CVH excells.

At Cranberry Veterinary Hospital you and your pet come first. Our dedicated veterinarians and friendly staff understand that no two pets are the same, and as such will tailor the medical and therapeutic approaches to suit your furry loved one.

Knowing how hard it can be on pets when they visit the hospital, a fear free environment is provided to limit their stress and improve the accuracy of our diagnostics. Client education and communication are top priorities at CVH. The staff makes it a point to spend ample time communicating and engaging owners to ensure that all facets of your pet’s health care needs are met and understood.

If you are concerned that your pet may be ill, our availability Monday-Saturday makes it possible for us to work with your schedule. So don’t hesitate to give us a call.